Salons Houston TX 77006

Salons Houston TX 77006

Just as the Galleria Area is called, “Uptown”, the 77006 zip code is called “Neartown”. Established in 1911, Neartown is an eclectic area full of mansions, bungalows, museums and chapels.  It is also houses some of the best shops and restaurants in Houston! If you’re looking for art, food, spirituality and shopping, consider the 77006 zip code.  Another interesting fact about Neartown – it is a mere 11 minutes from one of the best hair salons in Houston, TX.

Check out these Hot Hairstyles for Summer 2013 in Neartown!

2013 SUMMER 

It’s no secret that some hairstyles will always be timeless. If you always wear classic, consider simple additions to change your look for particular occasions. One easy and painless way to add some pop is the use of accessories – shop around! There are lots to choose from this summer.


It’s fairly simple to check out short cuts for the season. Think Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron and Emma Watson for varying pixie type styles.These cuts will have to be maintained with a recut every six weeks or so, but styling will be a breeze!


Selena Gomez and Ali Larter celebrate fun and energy with their mid-length bob cuts. This style suits a just above the shoulder hair length. Bob maintenance is easy and can be done by toweling your hair dry, applying texturizing spray and blowing it dry.


Think Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham, Rachel Weisz Long and Kerry Washington for inspiration with your long locks. Either curly or straight works depending on your face shape. Also, check out layered bangs as an added perk.


Guys like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo are sporting spiked cuts and faux hawks with regularity this season. Your choice salons in Houston, Tx will be very important for these cuts. They have to be done with expertise. Your hair will tell you when to come in for a recut. Your spikes will start to flop over like waves.

Whether you’re living in Uptown or 77006 Neartown, Eric Perez Salon is ready and waiting to help you create your 2013 Summer Fashion! What are you waiting for??

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