Houston Brazilian Blowout

Houston Brazilian Blowout!

Is this morning scenario familiar?

The alarm goes off and you hit the snooze, but you know you can’t really allow yourself that extra fifteen minutes of sleep because of the dim memory that reminds you about this morning’s meeting with your boss. You better start the wrestling match with your hair now or you’ll never get to work on time. You own every possible product on the market to soften, straighten and otherwise tame the hair beast. You spend twenty minutes giving it all your energy, but nothing is working. Finally, in a fit of frustration, you throw up your hands and give in to the granny bun and clip.

If this sounds like your morning, let us be the first to say, “Don’t give up yet! We have a solution!”

At Eric Perez Salon, we know what the harried hair blues feel like. We are waiting for your visit equipped with our Houston Brazilian Blowout.

Let’s take a quick quiz—

What do Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman and Nicole Richey all have in common? Each of these beautiful women has discovered and received the Brazilian Blowout treatment. You may have seen them showing off their fabulous flowing hair in movies, premiers and parties and thought to yourself, “I’d give anything to have that hair!” Well, you don’t need to move to Hollywood just yet.

You can achieve the same celebrity hairstyles in Houston at Eric Perez Salon. Our staff is ready to get started on your unique transformation. With years of experience, the stylists at Eric Perez Salon are committed to fulfilling your dreams and desires. You’ll be both pleased and amazed as frizzy, unruly hair becomes smooth, silky tresses.

The Houston Brazilian Blowout process at Eric Perez Salon includes a friendly environment, peaceful ambience and excellent customer service while you receive your refreshing hairstyle. Our stylists always go the extra mile by letting your know exactly how to care for your new look after you leave the salon. In one short afternoon, your look can change from chaotic to classy!

Are you ready for a Houston Brazilian Blowout? Can you visualize the new you that all your friends will admire? It’s time to stop allowing your hair to control you and take charge of your hairstyle by scheduling your appointment now!