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Houston Top Salons for Hair Color

Changing your hair color can be the best experience of your life – or your worst. That’s why you should put your head into the hands of someone you trust for hair colors in Houston.

Eric Perez Salon is considered one of Houston’s Top Salons by the best voting group a salon can garner – its clients. Patrons of the salon have a long history and are eager to let you know that relationship matters when it comes to relying on a stylist for hair colors in Houston. The stylists at Eric Perez Salon have accumulated years of experience to earn this title. You need to be able to rely on someone to consult with about the correct color to match your complexion. You want to make sure you don’t have to deal with a lack of even coverage – after all, you can’t see the back of your own head during application.

The right shade of color can take years off your face and accentuate the features you want everyone to notice. Conversely, the wrong shade won’t do justice to either the money spent or the goal you had in mind. The same is true for a root touch-up. Nothing but a perfect match will do the job!  Going from any color to blonde requires expertise and knowledge to avoid a “bleached” look. Also, if you desire a more dramatic look, the stylists at Eric Perez Salon are eager to achieve your new look.

When coloring your hair routinely, it is important to use the correct maintenance products as well. Dye build up can occur if special conditioning treatments and toners are not applied. There is more to coloring your hair than purchasing a box of dye!

A professional colorist is focused on the overall health of your hair along with the look you want to wear. It is their job to make sure you’re aware of what is best for your hair in the long term. They are there to let you know how to care for your color after you leave the salon and help you navigate through any hair challenges you may encounter. It’s not just about color, but about leaving our salon with clean, shiny, healthy hair.

Give Houston’s Top Salon a try! You won’t regret it!