Christian Hair Dresser Houston

Christian Hair Dresser in Houston near the Galleria area

appointment-button2There is a popular saying that goes, “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.” Many people believe this is a biblical saying, but you won’t find it anywhere in the Bible. Just as with many moral concepts in our society it represents a scriptural core.

Eric Perez is a Christian Hair Dresser in Houston in the Galleria area who also represents many scriptural cores in his business practices at Eric Perez Hair Salon in Houston TX. Eric not only has a high level of faith, but practices it in his life and his business.

What does that mean for you, as a client, to visit a Christian hair salon?

Clients who choose to patron Eric’s hair salon in Houston, Tx can be assured of the following-

An atmosphere that is clean and friendly without the presence of disconcerting language or behavior. In fact, clients are encouraged to share their faith journeys with Eric while receiving excellent customer service in his salon.

Fair prices, honest practices and the best customer care available are the daily focus at Eric Perez Salon. As part of the body of Christ, Eric makes serving the body of Christ to the best of his ability the vision and mission statement of his business.

Quality hair care and styling designed to enhance the beauty of every client who walks through the door. Eric knows that we all represent our faith everywhere we go and he is invested in helping others fulfill their life missions for Christ as well.

An environment that is open to spiritual conversation and exploration. As an evangelist and minister from behind the chair, Eric is available for questions and to hear your personal testimonies. He is interested not only in your hair, but in you, as a person.

Experienced stylists trained to accomplish many hair processes including cuts, hair color, corrective hair color, feather hair extensions, synthetic hair extensions, natural hair extensions, Brazilian blowouts and more.

If you have been searching for a hair salon in Houston, Tx that aligns with your faith values and core beliefs, consider giving Eric Perez Salon the opportunity to serve you!

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