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organic hair products

We use Organic Products for your Hair Colors, Shampoo & Conditioner

Here at Eric Perez Salon in Houston we recognize environment matters & we care about your health! So, we use organic hair products in Houston Salon as the best health choice for your hair color and treatment.  We carry certified organic hair products at our Galleria area, Houston hair salon.  

Organic Shampoo, Organic Conditioner, Organic Hair Color – for your health!

It’s a basic fact that the more you process and alter a substance, the more you waste energy and produce pollution. Organic shampoos and organic conditioners contain ingredients that forgo chemicals, using natural components. Organic hair products cause less stress on our utility drainage systems, are biodegradable in landfills and safer for both land and marine animal life. These are just a few of the benefits we considered when we championed organic hair products at our Houston hair salon and we value your healthy lifestyle.  

Organic Hair Products & Your Personal Health

Organic hair products are simply better for your body. Every beauty product you choose to coat your hair with or rub on your skin leaves a residue. The body processes these chemical laden residues, both good and bad. The overall effect of this chemical build-up in our bodies can create potential medical issues.  This is why at our Houston Hair Salons we use organic hair products to color your hair.  

Organic Beauty Products for Hair Health

Any hair product you use will have consequences on your hair health. Organic hair products avoid harsh elements, gradually nourishing your hair to its healthiest state. A healthy hair look comes from hair that is genuinely healthy hair.  

Organic Hair Products Are Better During Pregnancy

You should always consult a doctor about potential benefits or problems with everyday products if you become pregnant. Organic hair products, as well as a host of more natural personal care products, are usually a healthy choice for pregnant women. By reducing the number of harmful chemicals and potential allergens, these products help keep both mother and baby safe.

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